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Semi-itinerant musical circus show for the street and for all audiences.
Version with the stops and the most theatrical scenes in the middle of the itinerary and only itinerant version.

Giovanni di Mezzo, a 19th century Genoese botanist, explorer and naturalist, discovers an island in the Pacific Ocean that is home to strange creatures, unknown species of giant insects from the Mesozoic Era that survived the great extinction. On his return to Europe, Dr. Mezzo exhibits some of these creatures in a travelling fair in what became known as Dr. Mezzo’s Fantastic Giant Insect Circus.
Mezzo is a travelling show full of colour, imagination and fantasy, with which Pistacatro wants to recover on the one hand the spirit of adventure of Jules Verne’s novels and, on the other, the visual aesthetics of the travelling circuses of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Cast: Arturo Cobas, Aitor Garuz, Raquel Oitavén, Mónica Paradela, Paula Quintas, Álvaro Reboredo, Kote Rodríguez, Beatriz Rubio

Original Idea: Pistacatro

Artistic Direction: Antón Coucheiro

Production: Belém Brandido, José Expósito

Costumes and Set Design: Carlos Alonso

Make-up: Maria Illobre

Music: Marcos Carballido/Kote Rodríguez