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A product for gourmets, the crème de la crème, the crême de la crême. Taste the most delicious sketches, the greatest feats condensed, now comes the compilation with the greatest hits of PistaCatro, the very best of, a true anthology of the best moments of each artist gathered in a single volume: Cabarets PistaCatro.

The formula of the collective Cabaret has always been one of PistaCatro’s specialities. The PistaCatro Cabarets are in the best tradition of variety shows, both circus and music-hall, where juggling acts, songs, comedy sketches, monologues, acrobatics and tap-dancing, among others, can be interspersed. The audience is thus offered a multidisciplinary and varied show performed by a number of artists who give the best of themselves in short pieces of five or ten minutes. All of this is led by a master of ceremonies, who will be in charge of encouraging audience participation, providing the comic tone and administering the small doses of concentrated art.

This format allows for great adaptability in terms of the length and content of the show, depending on what has been negotiated with the contractor.