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Meetings/ festivals

In the year 2016, the company and production company PISTACATRO, a pioneer in the new circus in Galicia and the most important one, celebrates 10 years of existence, and to celebrate it, its partners decide to create what is known as Project D10! A project purely focused on generating knowledge about the circus and with which they intend it to be a platform aimed at improving and innovating the circus sector in Galicia in connection with other parts of the world. The Circus of the Four Rings of Pistacatro aims to be a reflective and formative break, as well as representing the summary of a historical cycle for the production company. A celebration that also fosters the planning in the coming years of an artistic collective which until that moment and during its ten years of existence has been a catalyst for the performing arts in Galicia and the only stable point of circus production in the Northwestern Iberian Peninsula to date. The D10 is currently possible with the funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture-INAEM and the collaboration of CDG-Salón Teatro, Agadic, Cidade da Cultura de Galicia, and the City Council of Santiago

D10!. Encontro de Formación e Innovación


Perifeira. The circus in the countryside, is a small-format festival project of the company Pistacatro in collaboration with the City Council of Santiago de Compostela. PERIFEIRA lands in the neighbourhoods and parishes of Compostela to complete the cultural programming of the city with small format shows and with actions of proximity with the neighbours and audiences in the rural environment.
Inciding, as it cannot be otherwise, in the Circus as a preferential proposal for the development of this unique festival, Pistacatro also opens the possibility to other living arts, such as music or dance, with a clear intention which is to generate Small Scenic Fairs in the peripheries of the city.
A festival that promotes the values on which Pistacatro bases its projects and shows: family-collectivity, humour, cooperation, inclusion, risk management and poetic visuality.