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“Orquestra de Malabares,” one of the most original and suggestive projects in the scenic realm of circus in the country and in Europe. Uniting the two worlds on the same stage, which are CIRCUS and MUSIC, with 6 jugglers and over thirty musicians from the municipal music bands of the city or town that the company visits. Tradition and Innovation come together in a unique project throughout the country and pioneering.

SYNOPSIS: Similar to smoke, the circus, in its geometric evolution towards the future, enters through all the doors, windows, and gaps of the scenic landscape. In this case, it occupies the empty spaces between the music stands and chairs of the municipal band musicians.

“Orquestra de malabares” is a spectacle that presents six jugglers and a municipal band. A relationship between music and circus. A concert where juggling becomes the dancers of this aerial ballet. Clarinets, saxophones, and trumpets are the painters of an expressionist painting in which balls, clubs, and rings trace in the air the feelings and emotions conveyed by music and circus.

The municipal band and its musicians, stepping out of their comfort zone, participate, almost as actors, in a theatrical show playing uncommon themes and styles. In conclusion, this is a show of golden instruments, large drums, cymbals, white shirts, uniforms, and masterful classical works, but also of shorts, T-shirts, sunglasses, funk, blues, pop, and punk.

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Performers: Arturo Cobas, Dulce Duca, Dani Fausto, Aitor Garuz, Guillermo Porta, Santiago Montero, Xampi.

Artistic Direction: Pablo Reboleiro

Musical Direction: Manuel Paino

Production: Belém Brandido, José Expósito

Assistant Director: Diego Anido

Juggling Choreography: Dani Fausto

Costume Design: Uxia Vaello

Dramaturgy Support: Marcos Carballido

Tailoring: María Villas with Maravillas Atelier

Image Design: Juan Gallego

Photography: Rubén Vilanova

Video: Tamboura Films

Communication: Pistacatro Productora de Sueños S.L.

Distribution: Belém Brandido/Pistacatro Productora de Sueños S.L.