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Kamikaze from the Japanese: Kami (divine) and Kaze (wind). The homage to the death of Mr. Kamikaze gathers his strange comrades in a ceremony they solemnly repeat every year. A gray and boring character arrives there accidentally. Who was this deceased person to deserve so much honor? Why is life celebrated so much after death? Could it be that life is also a kamikaze?

This is the starting point of the first show by Pistacatro Productora de Soños as a company, in co-production with the Galician Dramatic Center (CDG). Seven artists from the circus, theater, and music, around a concept: kamikaze; and with the intention of blending their individual experiences and knowledge into a multidisciplinary and innovative performance of the Galician scene.

It’s a visual and ironic metaphor of relationships between people, the power of individuality, the differences in character among personalities, and the result of sharing those differences towards a common goal: unity is strength. Kamikaze: Divine Wind. Suitable for all audiences.

Cast: Alfonso Medina, Manu Lago, Xabier Mera, Natalia Outeiro “Pajarito”, Antón Coucheiro, Borja Fernández, Pablo Reboleiro.

Artistic Direction: Hernán Gené

Assistant Director: Marta Pazos

Texts: Pistacatro and Hernán Gené

Choreography: Pistacatro, Hernán Gené, and Marta Pazos