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VII EDITION D10! Circus Training and Innovation Meeting
In this edition of 2022 we start a novelty and it is the collaboration with the French circus arts centre La Granierie de Toulousse in the framework of the European programme Erasmus Plus: Laboratorio Antípodas.

Programme (developed between 16 November and 2 December 2022).


Antipodes Laboratory, in collaboration with La Granierie de Toulousse. From 17 to 21 November.
Circus creativity at the service of innovation in companies. A laboratory in partnership with La Granierie de Toulousse.
Is it possible to apply the creative procedures of artists to innovation processes in companies? Is it possible to obtain a methodology to promote this type of work?

Soundpaiting Circus Laboratory, with Alfonso Medina. From 22nd to 25th November.
Laboratory of Conversation and Improvisation with Clavas, with Walid Al Yafi. From 26 to 29 November

Artistic Residency for the project Multiperspectivas by Paula Quintas.


Cuando los cangrejos lleven tacones (When crabs wear heels). Escarlata Circus Company. 23rd November
361st. Cia. Proyecto Tránsito. 24th November.
Soundpaiting Circus. 27th November. Circus Improvisation Show

Circo a Escena:
Suspensión , by Cía. Nueveuno. 25th November.
SOPLA. Truca Circus Company. 26th November
Fuego Salvaje. Wilbur. 26th November.

Coffee – Circus: 
Talks and informal meetings. In this edition we will address 3 days.
Artistic residencies: where we place the circus
Find yourself on the map. Cartography of Circus. With Leandro Mendoza
Galician circus in conflict zones. With Isaac Rodríguez.