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PLASTIC is a contemporary dance performance that reflects on the role of women in consumer society.

The dancer, as if she were a Barbie doll, takes us on a journey inside her plastic wrapping, empty on the inside and hermetic on the outside.

But plastic has other unseen functions. It can be an element for conserving and preserving important contents. To protect the body that carries our experiences and emotions.

How do we choose what we want to show and hide from our body?

Which vital moments are stored in it, which are kept and which are forgotten?

How do we transform our bodies to hide our emotions?

What do we let show through the plastic that envelops us?

Paula Quintas finds her place in a terrain that mixes the theatrical and the choreographic to question the rigour that society exerts on the external appearance of women. A corseted role from which she tries to free herself in an exercise of breaking the stereotypes of control and the frivolity of those looks that do not see beyond the superficial.

PLASTIC is a show that transmits a positive discourse of liberation.

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