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On the occasion of Pistacatro’s tenth anniversary, the emblematic company of Novo Circo Galego takes its riskiest leap: “Outono” (Autumn), a new show that brings together its founders to celebrate the most challenging feat yet – growing up.

“Outono” is a tribute to classic clowns, told through a company of clowns in the midst of a crisis. A mirror in which artists and their characters look at themselves, a fallen circus tent where the seasons unfold.

“Outono” is a theater-circus show with live music that tells us the nostalgic journey of four artists to their past, a celebration of friendship and failures, a reclaiming of being foolish, a poetic glance at the old craft of clowns. A reunion filled with emotions, truth, and humor.

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Performers: Aitor Garuz, Manu Lago-Raul Mandarina, Natalia Outeiro “Pajarito,” and Pablo Reboleiro

Direction: Antón Coucheiro

Production: Belém Brandido, José Expósito

Set Design: Uxia Vaello

Costume Design: Uxia Vaello

Music: Xabier Mera

Lighting: Javier Quintana

Sound: Javier Piñeiro

Song “Idiota” (Idiot): José Díaz

Dramaturgy Support: Marcos Carballido

Makeup: Trini F. Silva

Makeup Assistant: Irene Maneiro Paz

Tailoring: María Villas with Maravillas Atelier

Image Design: Juan Gallego

Promotional Photo: Afonso G. Sestelo

Show Photos: Lara Bacelos

Video: Tamboura Films

Communication: Pistacatro Dream Production LLC

Distribution: Pistacatro Dream Production LLC