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DR- Dead Laughing
MDR is a farce to make you uncomfortable and amused.

Melon, Mardi and Rossinyol face an unexpected dead end. Their untamed and clumsy nature and their need to exist lead them to an improbable play, where they freely explore any barbarity. This hilarious and terrifying experience conveys a story of sincere and rough friendship, provoked by a sense of responsibility and guilt.

An improbable crime, a dubious trial and an absurd punishment.

Paradoxically, they may even provoke a desire to die laughing.

Inspired by the poetics and fantastic imaginary of the Circus, Los Galindos were born in 1991 from a synergy of restless research and collective creation. The company received the Premi Nacional de Cultura 2016 for its twenty-five years of experience and, for MDR in 2021, the Premi de la Crítica for best circus show, the Premi Zirkólika Especial del Jurat and the Audience Award at the TAC in Valladolid 2021

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