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“The child woman inhabits a fortunate island”. Eugenio Granell

This is the phrase that opens the door to a new adventure, the creation of a clown show with poetry that returns to the essence of the clown, of the clown as a concept and also of the clown as an actress, giving it a contemporary and dreamlike context.

The arrival of a clown on an island, where survival is shipwreck, and failure is a way of existing. An adventure full of illusion, play, images. Everything changes at every moment, because everything can be played with, with the present, with the reality that is lived. Loneliness, the reverie of a cabaret danced with a wheelbarrow made person, the appearance of a native with whom to share a future perhaps unwanted. Eternal human contradictions, basic instincts, laughter and poetry as a thread that intertwines stories.

Duration: 50 minutes

For all audiences

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