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“Desperta!” is a new circus show that delves into individual identity, what makes us similar, and what sets us apart, all within the intimacy of a bathroom when no one is watching.

A everyday story from the fantastical universe of people who could be any of us. Where are we most identical and when are we most distinct? Do we truly awaken, or are we merely extensions of our dreams?

Circus skills, humor, and live music go hand in hand in “Desperta!”, where technique serves emotions and the poetics of images take us on a journey through an imaginary yet very real world.

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Cast: Aitor Garuz, Ariñe Azkúe, Manu Lago, Óscar Páez

Director: Natalia Outeiro “Pajarito”

Assistant Director: Antón Coucheiro

Original Music: Fran Pérez “Narf”

Costume Design: Carlos Alonso

Set Design: David del Rey “Fino”

Lighting: Fidel Vázquez

Illustration: Alberto Guitián

Photography: Francisco Arnoso “Pixi”

Video: Oroboro Films

Production: Belém Brandido, José Expósito, Rober Cereijo